Huntingdon Marching Invitational

October 2, 2021


The Huntingdon Marching Invitational is designed to place focus on the positive aspect and benefits of performance while supporting music education for your students. The 2021 Huntingdon Marching Invitational will take place October 2nd. HMI has a unique Preliminary and Finals Design.  The Finals Competition will include the top 6 scorings bands in each division; each division will not compete against each other in the Finals Competition.

Paul Ward Stadium is equipped with a turf field.  We offer a free shuttle service for spectators.  

2021 Judging Panel

Dr. Albert Nyguyen, Music Ensemble

Benjamin Easley, Music Effect

Michael Holland, Visual Ensemble

Christopher Lester, Visual Effect

Eric Willie, Percussion

Kent Hisaw, Colorguard

Delana Easley, Field Commander

John Easley, Chief Adjudicator

        HMI uses TBA sheets


Bands are classified by the total musicians (Both Winds and Percussion)

As registration closes, bands will be classified to groups closest to their size.