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Huntingdon Marching Invitational

September 30, 2023
The Huntingdon Marching Invitational is a quality marching band competition that supports the needs of today’s music education students. Our event is designed to place focus on the positive aspect and benefits of performance. We choose adjudicators that are second to none while providing a positive atmosphere. HMI 2023 will take place Saturday, September 30th.  This event will consist of a Preliminary and Finals Competition. The Finals Competition will include the top 6 scoring bands in each division; each division will not compete against each other in the Finals Competition.
2023 Adjudication Panel

John Easley, Chief Adjudicator

Joel Denton, Music Ensemble

David Aydelott, Music Effect

Tim Zeiss, Music Individual

Jeremy Frey, Visual Ensemble

Owen Butler, Visual Effect

Hunter Carter, Visual Individual

Eric Willie, Percussion

Kent Hisaw, Colorguard

Delana Easley, Field Commander

HMI uses TBA sheets

2023 Schedule
The HMI judges are well-established experts in the music education, marching, and pageantry field with their educational philosophy and background are taken into consideration as much as their career accomplishments. Bands receive recorded evaluation and score sheets from each judge. The emphasis is on the input the judge offers into the band’s program via the recorded evaluation. The HMI adjudication system is based on the TBA Marching band Evaluation System. With a six (6) person adjudication panel using all of the sheets, the three (3) music captions receive 200 points each with the Visual Performance Individual and the Visual Performance Ensemble scores averaged for a possible 200 points and the Visual Effect caption receiving the other 200 points. The final score is achieved by multiplying the total points earned by .10.
  • Bands are classified by the number of MUSICIANS (Winds and Percussion) for Preliminary Competition. 
  • Competitors moving on to the evening’s Finals competition will compete for Finals Placement regardless of class. 
    • Class A 
    • Class AA
    • Class AAA
    • Class AAAA
    • Class AAAAA


Preliminary performance times are scheduled based on postmark date (we also accept faces and electronic entries) of application with the earlier postmark receiving the later performance time. 


Finalist bands will be announced at the conclusion of the Preliminary Awards Ceremony. The top 6 scoring bands from both Division I and Division II will perform in the finals competition. 


Thank you for your interest in purchasing Huntingdon Marching Invitational tickets. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the stadium box office on the day of the show beginning at TBA

- All Day Pass - $15

- Children 6 and under are Free. 

- We accept cash only or electronic tickets (please have the ticket ready when you come to the gate). 

Paul Ward Stadium 
475 Fairgrounds Road
Huntingdon, TN 38344
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